Bengaluru Airport on the Metaverse Platform

Bengaluru Airport on the Metaverse Platform

Bengaluru Airport on the Metaverse Platform: In the world of fast-evolving technology, the idea of the metaverse has become quite important and captured the interest of many. The metaverse is like a digital space that completely surrounds and involves its users. It lets them have unique experiences and move around different digital places. One of these specially created digital spaces is a virtual version of Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2.

Bengaluru Airport is a busy airport in India, and they introduced a new part called Terminal 2 in 2021. This new terminal is really big, covering an impressive area of 255,000 square meters. It’s full of modern features that are carefully chosen to make the journey for travelers smooth and easy.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic and travel limits, only a few people have had the chance to actually go to this new terminal. This is where the metaverse comes into play.
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How to Explore Bengaluru Airport on the Metaverse

People who like exploring digital places, as well as those who love traveling, can take a pretend trip using this link: With a smartphone or other smart devices, they can virtually go through the new terminal and see what it’s like. What’s more, they can even make their digital selves look the way they want – change how they look, their body shape, hair, and clothes

The BLR Metaport - Go through Bengaluru Airport on the Metaverse

In this digital world, these pretend characters called avatars help make interactions happen. These interactions can range from talking to airline staff to going through security checks, chatting with airport employees, getting on a flight, shopping at stores, and connecting with other travelers. And there are extra things to do as well, like having video calls, sending messages, and experiencing sounds from different directions.

As explained by Satyaki Raghunath, who’s in charge of planning and development at BIAL, “This is our first time trying out the world of Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).” People can virtually visit Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2 and see what it’s like in this digital world. The digital version looks and feels just like the real one, with all its unique designs – the impressive glass front, the curved roof, and the open inside space.

People can move around the digital terminal using their avatars and do things like checking in for their flight, getting through security, and shopping at duty-free stores.
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The metaverse also gives people more things to do that make their experience better. For example, they can find out more details about the terminal and what’s inside – when flights are leaving, a map of the terminal, and directions. There are also things they can play with, like digital helpers that show them around the terminal and answer their questions.

Having a virtual version of real places in the metaverse is really useful. One big advantage is that people who can’t physically go there can still experience it virtually. This is helpful for people who might have difficulty moving around, those who live far away, or people who can’t travel because of the pandemic.

Making a copy of the terminal in the metaverse is also a smart idea for airport managers. It lets them try out different designs and see what people think before actually making changes at the real airport.
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Bengaluru Airport on Metaverse Platform is a virtual representation of the real-life Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2 in a digital environment called the metaverse. The virtual airport allows users to explore and interact with it.
You can access Bengaluru Airport on the Metaverse Platform by visiting the website The virtual terminal can be accessed using a smartphone or other smart devices.
In the virtual Bengaluru Airport, you can use digital avatars to simulate real-world activities such as checking in for flights, going through security, interacting with airport staff, shopping at stores, and connecting with other users.
Yes, the metaverse offers additional features like video conferencing, messaging, spatial audio, and more. These features enhance the immersive experience of exploring the virtual airport.
Yes, the virtual Bengaluru Airport closely replicates the real Terminal 2, including its architectural details such as the glass façade, curved roof, and interior spaces. It aims to provide an authentic experience.

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